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Links & Stockists

Tawny owl photo

Frances Browne Photography

Visit Frances Browne website <-

Talented photographer who supplies me photos for drawing from

banner of marie brown fine art

Marie Brown Fine Art - Artist

Visit Marie Brown website <-

Lois Cordelia - Artist

Visit Lois Cordelia website <-

Andrea Wright Jewellery Design

Visit Andrea Wright website <-

Bury St Edmunds Art Society

Visit BSEAS website <-

Society of All Artists

Visit SAA website <-

Stuart Fowle - Artist

Visit Stuart Fowle website <-

Assosiation of Animal Artists

Visit AAA website <-

TOP 10 walks - local guide book

 Frances & Stanleys

TOP 10 Circular Walks

I wanted to encourage more people to go walking, so i wrote a guide book of my top 10 local routes. Donations to a charity of your choice will be most appreciated!

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