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About Frances Vincent

Award winning uk animal artist and pet portrait artist Frances Vincent - Working on a horse drawing

Frances Vincent

Born October 1991.

Professional Artist since 2014.

Received a National Diploma in Art and Design in 2010.


It is an extremely satisfying feeling to turn a blank piece of paper into something unique

Her goal as an artist

Ever since Frances was a child she has enjoyed capturing the world around her through art. Frances is a self taught artist and has been exhibiting her work in local shows and exhibitions since she was 12 years old. She works in a style called photorealism which is highly detailed. The process is time consuming but the results are very rewarding. Frances is not just trying to create a good drawing… she wants to capture the energy of the subject, and says that the drawing process is just as important as the finished piece. Every pencil mark has been carefully placed to create an image that she wants the viewer to connect with. The key is learning to create life in the drawing that comes across in the expressions and textures. Her job is to honour that moment in time she's trying to capture, and do justice to that snapshot of life from our rich and beautiful world.

Frances has a lot of passion for her career and works extremely hard to make the most out of every opportunity.  Not only does she want to enrich the lives of her customers but she wants to inspire other young artists to follow their dreams and create a realistic plan to start their own artistic journey...


The Artistic Process

Frances uses graphite pencils ranging from 9H to 8B in density and draws on heavy weight 220gsm smooth surface cartridge paper of the highest quality. She starts by putting a basic grid on the photo she is using so all proportions drawn are correct, she then does a basic outline and starts filling in the obvious shading. Frances' drawings are created by the gradual build up of layers to build detail and shadows, leaving lighter areas with less graphite on. In essence she works in 'negative'. All the lighter areas, for example cat's whiskers, are actually simply the paper being left to show through. Because of this she only really uses a rubber if there is any white background at the end. To combat any smudging she generally works from top right corner to bottom left corner (being left handed). Frances' goal is to make the drawing come to life using bold shading, delicate detail and giving extra focus on depicting the they are the first things we look at in both animals and humans. If you have any questions about Frances working techniques then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

East Anglian Daily Times Article

Titled "The Girl Who Could Draw"

Released on 2nd July 2011


On Thursday 23rd June 2011, Steve Russell from the East Anglian Daily Times interviewed Frances for an article in the EADT. The article was a 3 page feature about her animal drawings, her background and generally about her life as an artist. It was entitled "The Girl Who Could Draw" and was featured inside the EALIFE section of the Saturday 2nd July 2011 edition of the EADT. For anyone who read it, it was an insight into her amazing work and how she progressed into becoming an artist.

Frances was very pleased with the response she received from this opportunity and wishes to thank anyone who bought the paper and read the article. She hopes you enjoyed it and will look into buying your very own special piece of artwork from her in the future.

pet portrait artist Frances Vincent
East Anglian Daily Times article - Artist Frances Vincent
UK animal artist and pet portrait artist Frances Vincent
Award winning uk animal artist and pet portrait artist Frances Vincent - Working on a pet commission
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